Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Onion

It has been a particularly bad day, long week (what do you mean it's only Tuesday?!) so I was tickled pink to be greeted by the cat poses that you see here.

See the feet and the tiny hand?

For the full picture, check the archives. August 24, 2006 to be exact.

Here's another shot.

Same cat. Same voodoo doll.

No pins needed.

We aren't watching.

And here's a hat for a Tuesday night:

Size 11, 16" circulars. Less than a ball of Lion Boucle (leftovers from the Sunday Sweater). Crochet hook for chaining.

1) Make a chain about 10" long. Set aside.

2) Cast on 42 stitches, join, etc.

3) Knit around and around until the piece is 6" long.

4) K 2 together, YO, all the way around.

5) Knit 2 more rounds (or 3 if there's enough yarn left).

6) Bind off.

7) Weave in the ends. Thread the chain through the eyelets. Draw up. Tie a knot. Make a bow.

All done.

Total knit time, about 90 minutes. You're welcome.


That looks TOO easy! Oh darn, I don't have any boucle left, either; gee, I just might have to go BUY some, huh?
That is one honkin' big cat. Tell him/her it's okay with me if s/he drags ol' W into the litter box and buries him. And does to him what kitties do in the litter box. He deserves it.
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