Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ready to Mail

I'm pretty sure that I announced (at least to the postal clerk) that all of my Christmas packages were mailed thankyouverymuch.

I never said anything about Solstice or Hanukkah, though!

Presenting, the Hanukkah Weasel Bear.

Knit of Bernat Ping Pong (which is remarkably soft, though it looks like it would be scratchy as all get out). Just sparkly enough.

A seat of the pants sort of hat.

The eyes are buttons, white, layered with black. The nose is embroidered.

Hat Recipe: Body:On size 7s: Cast on 72, join. Make a cuff of 3X1 ribbing for about an inch. Switch it stockinette and knit until there's 5" from the beginning. Decrease (I did it at 9 points) every other row, draw up, fasten off.

Ears: Cast on 12 stitches. SS for 6 rows. Decrease each side EOR twice, then 1 more time (6 st). Knit 2 rows even. Increase each side EOR twice, then once more. SS for 7 rows (yes, it will be longer on one side. That's the back.) Bind off. Sew side seams. Make another unless this is a bear with issues.

Ear placement: Move 'em around. Try different places. I deliberately chose to cock the head. I think it looks cute that way. Less rigid. Stitch the ears in place.

Eyes: I used buttons (7/8" white, 5/8" black) and layered them. You could embroider the eyes instead, or use just the black buttons. Bears have big eyes. (Because I said so.)

Mouth and nose: check out a manufactured Teddy. Copy it! (or not) I embroidered the nose and mouth with black yarn.

Make sure that everything is fastened off securely!

There may be another post later today if there's anything to report.

(I still have 5 balls of Ping Pong left. I am thinking about dumping them. Just sayin')


Very cute hat. I wonder if my son would hate me too much for making him one. hehehe
Way too cute! Good job!
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