Saturday, September 10, 2005

Edward Scissorhands

would have loved these:

Rather than search all over for a pattern for "fingerless mitts," I adapted the mitten pattern ("woman" size) in the current (Fall 2005) issue of FCEK + C to a cut-off version. Any basic mitten pattern could be converted in the same way.

Recipe: (Note: my mitt/en was knitted in the round, a 2-needle pattern will also work.)

Make any basic mitten pattern (the kind with a thumb gusset, I have not tried this with the "afterthought"-type thumb--yet) until the thumb increases are completed and the thumb stitches are on a holder (piece of yarn)*.

Continue lengthening the hand portion of the mitt/en until the knitting is long enough to just cover the knuckles at the base of your fingers. Rib to match the cuff for 6 rounds (in worsted weight yarn, or 1" in lighter/heavier yarns). Bind off firmly in ribbing.

Pick up the thumb stitches and knit 1 round. Rib to match cuff for 3 rounds (or 1/2"). Bind off firmly in ribbing. Make another.

* If your pattern calls for finishing the thumb first, then completing the hand, knit one round, then rib for 3 rounds. Pick up the hand portion and follow the recipe above.

I will point out that there are divergent views in this household about the usefulness of such mitts. I like them and plan to make a pair for myself for winter driving. The Kid (a leather glove fan) was not impressed and said that he would not want a pair. (I am listening this time!) I have not gotten a commitment one way or the other from the Wrangler-driving Other Half.

This pair is going to Cheyenne River as part of my 7-pair committment. (Yes, it might be considered "cheating" in some circles. Shut up!) I plan to make more for Ship Support. It's a new request for deployed military personnel.



Great idea!
May I add a tip for owners of fingerless mittens?
You don't have to take them all the way off - just take out your thumb and slide them up your wrist - that way you won't lose one!
Those look great (and Mariella's tip is excellent also).

Maybe this winter ...

Maybe not. We all know I don't get to keep any of my "stuff".
i love that yarn, what is it?
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