Monday, September 27, 2004

Hats Off

Working under a deadline (a need to get packages mailed while I have a 3-day weekend), I managed to finish 3 hats to go with the 3 sweaters I madetwo weekends ago.

I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to mail. The penguin that I made for the fair is on its way to its intended recipient. A big box of stuff is on the way to the Youth Center at Cheyenne River Reservation. The afghan I made (also for the fair) is winging its way to the 'burbs of Pittsburgh to its intended recipient. And a box of baby things is also in the pipeline, this one for the WIC center at Cheyenne River.

The hats are simple little things.

The "recipe": Cast on 60-80 stitches (even number is best) in worsted weight yarn on size 6,7, or 8 needles (I used 8's on the tan and 7's on the other 2). Do an inch or 2 of edge (ribbing, garter, seed stitch), then switch to stockinette (or in the case of the tan one, the sweater pattern stitch) for 4-6". Then decrease 10 stitches every other round until 6-8 stitches remain. Draw up and fasten off. WEave in any ends.


They'll fit a full-term baby up to about 18 months or so. Very stretchy, very warm.

These were made with 70 stitches. 80 stitches, with a deep ribbed cuff will work too and will stretch most of the way through pre-school.

And then, there is the kitty bed. It's finished! And felted, blocked, and dry. And here's how it looks.


during (that's my big honkin' stockpot under there!)

and after

I used something that a weaver friend gave me that she indicated was "weaving wool." I had a rose pink, a light mauve, and brown to work with.

It was in short (1-2 yard) pieces that I overlapped and knitted several (3-5) stitches with the old and new strands held together at the breaks. Since it's approximately worsted weight, I double stranded and got a nice tweed look. I used a single strand of Valeria di Roma Cisne, a fluffy nylon "eyelash-y" stuff in the last 5 rows. I wish I had doubled it, but I'm not sure it would have made much difference.

These look like they'll make good prezzies for cat-friends like Finnegan, and grandcats, too. I would make them for the resident felines, but Sparky likes to identify her things. I just wish she'd learn to use a magic marker!


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