Friday, August 20, 2004


Yes, it's pink. Shut up!

I had all this pink Bernat Breeze yarn from Smiley's left over from another project and this burning need to play with every other needle and bulky stuff on the Bond, just to see if I could get it to work, so I conjured up this toddler-size poncho.

The second garter edge still needs to be finished and I really need to do something about the neckline (maybe a bit of ribbing to fill it in, maybe with some buttons so it's not an "issue" getting it over some 2 year old's head).

I bought the yarn to make a (requested) poncho for a friend. I way overbought! I've already used some for a blankie, and this poncho, and I still have 4 untapped balls. I'm thinking a teen-size poncho might use the rest of it up.

Here's the recipe:

Make two rectangles with a L:W ratio of 9:4. In my sample, my rectangles are 30" long X about 10" wide (a ratio of 3:1). That's why the neckline is so wide open. A better size (for about a 2 year old) would have been 30" X 12", I think. This is knitting, not rocket science.

You can Bond it, pattern stitch it, garter it. See that seam in the photo? That's where and how you will seam the short end to the long side. Front and back are the same. Add a border if it's curling or not big enough. Do something to neaten the neck if it needs it. Weave in the ends. Done! Add fringe or tassels if that's your thing. The yarn I used looks like it will be a mess in cut pieces, plus toddler and fringe? I don't think so.

Lest you think my tension is also a mess, let me rush to tell you that Breeze is a thick/thin homespun-y yarn.

And now, for a nature lesson. Last night, at dinnertime, we saw two hummingbirds here:

That's our flower bed. They are so tiny and the zinnias are so big that they were perching on the edge of each flower as they ate. And they taste-tested each one! It was fun watching them dive bomb each other. Playing, I hope! They hung around for about 5 minutes.

Sparky, the bob-tailed wonder cat, never even noticed!

Way cool.


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