Saturday, January 24, 2015

Special Request

A few days ago, the Purple Warrior Princess's Mama shared a photo on Facebook. It was Monster Pants. I am going to have to suggest that you search this one either on Ravelry or Google Images, because there are so many adorable variations on this theme that I would be selling them short if I provided a link, because one link does not do them justice. "Monster Pants" should get you there.

Of course, I replied "Mammo's on it!" Then, I had to find out if the request was for a Sesame Street-type monster (Elmo or Cookie or maybe even Oscar), or what I term a Crazy Monster (with oogly eyes and ver' vicious teeth).

Crazy Monster it is! And the very day I finished my last project (a shawl that hasn't yet been blocked (film at 11; patience, Grasshopper!), I cast on a pair of Crazy Monster longies (that's an EZ term--see Knitter's Almanac). Colors as shown in the photo: deep royal blue, bright blue, lime green, sunflower yellow, plus red for the ver' vicious mouth and white for the ver' vicious teeth.

The butt is finished. I am ready to start the legs.

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