Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nothing Special;Someone Special

Just a little Rib-a-Roni hat for the Tiny Prince Original (who hasn't been particularly Tiny in a long time).

Last week, I mailed off odd bits of 2014 fair entries and things I had made to use up odd balls. When it arrived Tiny Prince Too/Two called to say thank you and to tell me that he likes his hat and that the one I sent for the Purple Warrior Princess (his baby sister) was too big (um, I think this 42-Stitch Hat (Google it!) was intended for Mama) and that there was no hat at all for his brother.

So, the hat you see eyes left will be on its way south on Tuesday since the Post Office is closed on Monday for the MLK holiday.

True story: I originally mailed this package on January 2. It was correctly addressed. On January 9, I came home to find it On My Driveway. A quick check of the USPS tracking showed that it had spent several days bouncing around various zip codes (except the one it was addressed to) before it was RTS (return to sender). So, I re-boxed and re-mailed on Saturday and it arrived Monday. At least they got it right the second time!


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