Monday, December 01, 2014

What Has Sheepie Been Weaving?

Here's a bunch of stuff that got woven during the summer, and finished (hemmed) today.

Three dishtowels, cotton chenille. The pattern may look vaguely familiar. It's a variation on the cover project of the November/December Handwoven. Same warp on all three. different weft on each: green, blue, mauve (top to bottom).

I left out the pick up stick patter.

Another set of 3 dish towels these in cotton, plain spun for the warp, a thick and thin for the weft.

I don't know if the embiggen feature will show it,  but there's an almost "argyle" (diamond) pattern formed by the thick parts of the weft.

And the latest on the 10" Cricket: a scarf in alpaca, warp and weft.

The yarn is Filatura Lanarota Alpaca DK Splash from Smiley's. It's not on their site any longer. Don't bother to look. It's well-aged and yes, I am stash busting.

I probably have enough of this colorway to make a second scarf if I use a solid for the warp or weft. Or I might knit a beanie to match.

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