Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Coming to the End (Of the Year)

I love the camera on my phone! Taking and posting pictures no longer involves fighting with (the now defunct) Kodak. But it also means that the colors are sometime a little muddy.

Witness the woven scarf to the left. In Real Life, it's actually quite bright. It's woven. The yarn is alpaca. Lime, turquoise, purple. Faux plaid, don't you think?

Three skeins of Filatura Lanarota Alpaca DK Splash. From Smiley's. No longer available. Made it on my 10" Cricket rigid heddle loom.

I still have some of the red/pink colorway that I am debating for another.

To the right, the Spiral Log Cabin blankie. You can search on Ravelry for the pattern. It was a quite mindless knit (stopping only occasionally to count ridges).

About 10 skeins of yarn, 5 each of two colors: cream and denim. 

Yarn is also from Smiley's, Filatura Lanarota Easy Wool (wool/ack blend). All that's currently available is black, but this is their house brand, so keep checking back for other colors.

And I finished my walking hat.

Filatura Lanarota (do I sense a theme) Puno, a 100% alpaca in  a berry heather and a denim heather. I love this stuff!

Double thick, reverse stockinette. Yum!

Same hat, turned inside out.

The Other Half has requested one.

I think black and camel. Or black and charcoal.

Still working on stuff to close out the year. Mindless small stuff. Still stash-busting whenever possible. Watch for the year-end report in about a week.

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