Sunday, August 31, 2014

Walk This Way

These days, I am walking for my health, and though my mile is still 18 minutes, it's getting faster (slowly, if that makes any sense at all).

My path is not flat. We live close to the highest point in our small town, which means that while the walk out may be downhill, the walk back is not.

This morning I watched squirrel races as I walked on the paved area near our elementary school. (Click to embiggen so you can see one of the racers.)

Yesterday, I spotted these which appear to be fall-blooming crocus. (from the web, search on fall-blooming crocus) Crocus kotschyanus (formerly known as Crocus zonatus) is a somewhat weedy species usually flowering in October. It has a bad reputation not only because it is a rampant self-seeder, but also because many forms have flowers that are woefully undersized. There is a form in commerce that appears to be badly infected with a virus, as the flowers are not just small, but seriously deformed. A good form of Crocus kotschyanus with flowers of reasonable size is worth having, however. In some lights the flower color approaches a delicate pink, and one can forgive a self-seeder of such beauty.

And a few days ago while walking at lunchtime near where I work, I spotted these.

I'm pretty sure they won't flower or go to seed (seem to be a bit "seedy" already, though).

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