Sunday, May 11, 2014

Has It Really Been a Month?

It has really been a month!

I promise to do better with knit blogging, but first, I must update my loyal fan.

The surgery on April 8 (2" approximate incision) was a rousing success. I was scheduled for 7:30 a.m.which meant being at the hospital at 5. Probably could have skipped trying to sleep, since that didn't happen. Hooray for early starts (no food after midnight until it's all over)! By 10, I was in the recovery room, completely alert (what a change from the last surgery experience 2 years ago) and my legs were pain free. Talk about relief!

I spent the next several hours in "holding" while waiting for a room. But that was okay. No pain. Books (Kindle) and knitting to keep me company. I sent the Other Half home to sleep.

I must say that both roommate experiences were challenging. But they are over and I have moved on.

I spent a couple weeks using a walker or a cane but have (mostly) abandoned both. Physical Therapy starts next week. I will see the cardiologist regularly and the spine surgeon a couple more times.

Life is good!

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Fantastic, Ann!!!
So glad to hear it all turned out so well. It's good to hear you're feeling so much better.
Thanks for the update, glad all went well.

Kathy, the frugal one
Wonderful news, Ann; I'm so glad your surgery has helped you. Now, to get back to your life without that constant pain!
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