Sunday, March 02, 2014

Car Seat Blankies, Again

Working my way through the car seat blanket booklet has been (pick one) challenging, mind-numbing, an exercise in stupidity, a good way to replenish the baby gift stash.

Number 4 is shown at left. Lace Stitch. This is one of those patterns that I love to hate. It's unbalanced and biases, and even a good soak and dress helps only temporarily. I know that it will revert to parallelogram soon.

Close up of the pattern stitch (4 row pattern, stockinette on 3 rows, YO, K 2 tog on the 4th. I followed the pattern as written. If I do this one again, I will change up every other eyelet row so that the biasing is less severe.

In the meantime, this one is in the gift box along with booties to match.

Next up, Variation On the Theme. The beginning of another car seat blanket, this time in true cables that will be embellished.

I tried (really, I did) a tried and true spelled out version of this cable. After several trips to the virtual and real Frog Pond, I googled and found the cable charted.

Smooth sailing (as long as I don't run out of yarn)!

And now, in the category of I Stand Corrected: The Cascade Greenland behaved beautifully after it's soak and block! It's still sproingy, but is considerably more drapey and grew quite a lot. I am pleased. (But I still think it was the wrong yarn for the project.)

Yarn review: Valley Yarns' Valley Superwash (100% extra fine merino) which is Webs' ( house brand is super soft and a real pleasure to work with. I bought it specifically to make baby garments in pink, ice blue, and spring leaf. It is perfect for that task.

And a bit on my back. Yes, I saw a doctor. No, it isn't my back. It's sciatica. It's painful. I have drugs. And exercises. And a sock full of hot rice. If it isn't better in 4 more days (or starting to get better), I will also have steroids.

And there is more snow in the forecast. I. Cannot. Take. Any. More. Winter. DONE!

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Georgeous projects as usual Ann. My latest baby blankie is granny squares, all that's left it to put them together. Now I remember why I prefer one piece patterns. Sciatica is painful. Take care of yourself. Sending long distance healing thoughts.

Kathy (the frugal one)
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