Sunday, March 09, 2014

Just Off; Going On the Needles

latest car seat blankie

up close and personal-can you see them?
I am hoping that the intended recipient is not one of the three of you reading this blog!

and the next project

A dear friend and fellow Rotarian assists with a project called Rotoplast. Every year in December, our local district holds an on-air auction to raise funds for the project. This will be my 3rd donation of a handmade shawl. It's a small thing, but one child will have a happy smile (and be able to eat) as a result of my donation.

The yarn is wool, from The Great Cone Sale at Webs that I over-dyed years ago in the Great Kool-Aid Experiment. It was time to put it to good use! The cone top right is the original "amber;" the cakes to the left are just some of the variations on a theme.

I am really looking forward to finally putting this yarn (that I originally bought for charity knitting) to good use.

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I think the blanket if very cute, but have no need of a car seat blanket (thank goodness!), so I guess you have at least one reader that won't be an intended recipient!
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