Sunday, March 23, 2014

Disappointment Colored All My Dreams

Well, not all of them, but certainly this one!

Old pattern for an egg cover. Fiddly pain in the @$$ to construct. It's meant to fit a Cadbury egg, but I sincerely doubt it.

Back to bunnies!! Need several more.

Younger Son wants to give a couple to small friends and the Baby Grands will be getting some.

Bunnies. Not chicks.

The Eagle (Twist) has landed.

Speaking of fiddly!

The plan is to enter this one in the fair (maybe) then to donate it to an on-air auction for Rotoplast (charity that provides surgical repair for cleft lip/palate patients in Third World (mostly) countries.

I'm not sure this is up to my usual expectations, so I will be casting on something lacy later and allow the coordinator to select.

I do like the colors.

Various Kool-Aid dyed shades on the same base yarn as the main color. Coned stuff from Spinrite Mills in Canada (anyone remember them?) that I have had stashed far too long.

This is a wait and see for me. Plenty of time to redo.

The drop at the cabled center section is a little more than 12" and the span is about 6'.

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