Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Something For the Babies

Everyone I know, it seems, is having a baby or a Baby Grand. What to do? What to do?

Enter a new (2013) and newly-discovered pattern booklet from Leisure Arts.

I got mine at Amazon.

Eight sweet and easy patterns for just-the-right-size carseat blankies. Worsted weight, pattern calls for size 8 or 9, mostly. I went down one needle size.

They work for strollers, baby seats, anything you'd use to "bucket" a wee one.

The good news is that any one of them could easily be up-sized to make a crib blanket or lap robe (or full size afghan for that matter).

But the good part of these and the size the pattern as written makes (16"X20" or thereabouts) is that there isn't a bunch of extra fabric to tangle up and trip baby (or parent).

I've finished 2 since I got the booklet.

This one is called Stacked Cables (no cables in sight, no cable needle needed). The technique is a wee bit tricky (yos from knit to purl and then back again), but 3 repeats in and I was speeding along on all but one of the 4 rows of the repeat. (It was the ws after the pattern row.)

Basic washable wool (Nashua brand) on size 7s.

Ribbed Chevron here in Plymouth Jelli Beenz (75/25 acrylic and wool) on size 8. The photographed sample is in a solid. If I make this one again, I think I will use a solid so that the pattern is more visible.

Making my basic go-to booties to go with each.


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