Sunday, February 23, 2014

And #3 Is a FO!

Basket Weave pattern, Cascade Greenland yarn on size 7 needles

The third car seat blankie from the booklet reviewed earlier is now finished. This time I used the Basket Weave pattern and a new-to-me yarn.

Cascade Greenland is a washable wool and was clearly NOT the right yarn for this pattern. I muddled through and finished it, but it's Just Not Right. The twist of this yarn is very tight and it's incredibly sproingy (technical term). Though I had 2 ounces more than required, and should have had about 20 yards left after knitting the pattern to size, I found myself making this one a couple inches smaller than the pattern calls for. It was a nice yarn to work with, and I will probably buy more in the future, but it was the wrong yarn for this project.

I have not washed and blocked yet which might help the drape, but probably will have little effect on the size.

The booties shown are my go-to pattern (Morehouse Merino Knits) and match the last two car seat blankies. There is not enough of the Greenland left to do much more than trim a pair. I'll have to think about that.

Oh, and the color (which is pretty accurate on my screen) is called Lemon Yellow. Not even close.

In other news: I have done something to my back which makes standing up painful. Mind you, not sitting, not standing. Not walking. Not chopping ice or shoveling snow. Just getting from a sitting to a standing position. Twenty minutes of ice allows for 5 minutes of pain-reduced position shifting. Not fun. Yes, if it doesn't resolve (and quickly), I will be heading to the doctor.

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