Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Good grief!

Wow! Has it actually been nearly a year since I posted last?

So much for being more regular!

It's a new year and new resolutions to Be a Better Poster may or may not come to pass. In the meantime, I will post my list of 2013 FOs just to keep me honest.

adult sweater 1
afghan squares 1

bibs 8
booties 24
bowl to felt 1
cat toys 6
child sweater 10
christmas stocking 2
coasters 1
cowl 2
dishcloth/facecloth 4
dishtowel 8
hat 16
laprobe/baby blanket 6
mittens 2
pillow 1
place mats
potholder 1
preemie/baby caps 7
purse 1
runner 1
scarf 8
shawl 2

soap sack 2
socks 1
tea toter 1
teddy sweaters 1
toys/ornament 6

total 124 

Not so shabby until I consider previous years. I have been tracking since 2002. This is the 10th best year (of 12). I will take into account that there are two "go to" afghans on the needles. One grows as I gain more odd balls of wool. Likely, it will never really be finished unless I declare it so. The other is a sock yarn mitered square-ghan that grows ever so slowly when I don't have anything else on the needles.

The year in reflection was a mixed one. We added the Purple Warrior Princess (Fiona Grace) to the tribe in May. Tiny Prince Original (Rowan) started school. Tiny Prince Two/Too (Conor) remains a joy to all who know him.

Retirement is looking very good and getting closer, as health issues (for the Other Half) reared their collective heads in December.At work, we are looking to make a major geographic move which I would like to see through to completion, but if it drags on. . .

Promising to be more regular on the posting! (Yes, I know I said that last year.)

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