Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two of Them

Shopping in the Baby-Stash of Mom got Younger Son nowhere on Saturday. A Coworker is about to become Father To Twin Girls (possibly already).

Quick as a wink, Mom (that would be me) cast on a pair of tiny Rib-a-Roni hats (smallest size) using Encore an a heathery pink and gray.

Both were finished during the never-ending Breaking Bad marathon (only 17 or so episodes to go) that we DVR'ed back in December and the first two episodes of Boardwalk Empire (Netflixed).

Baby hats are a quick present, and this pattern is fun. Click on the picture (right) to see the cunning decreases that maintain the ribbing.

Pattern is available (free) on Ravelry and comes in sizes from infant through large adult.

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