Sunday, January 20, 2013

Only a Week Late

So much for a resolution to blog more regularly! (Well, in my mind, I thought "once a week, usually on the weekend." Reality is, "when I get to it!")

To the right is the pitiful pile of FOs since last I posted. Both are "one day wonders," a bib and a dishcloth.

The bib is mindless, but the cloth, not so much. Closeup of the pattern to the left.

It's the January Challenge Cloth for my dishcloth group and knit up into quite a pretty cloth (I'm thinking blankie or scarf, though I may poke my eyes out with pointy sticks before that happens!)

But it's done and reported and now I can move on to other things.

Both FOs are Bernat Handcrafter cotton. The bib is Batik, the cloth, off-white. Available at Smiley's.

And currently On The Needles and now large enough to warm my toes, is the current scrapghan.

It started out as a mindless project to use up odds and ends and odd balls of wool stuff. The plan was to donate it. When I decided that it would replace the well-used (and well-worn) Rambling Rows afghan that I made years ago with ack, I started stash-diving into the "good" stuff of well-aged hand-dyed yarns that I have collected as souvenirs on vacations. Then, I pulled out some single balls I got in grab bags. Yummy things like the big purple bit (that's alpaca) and the frosty rust bit at the bottom (also alpaca). It's wonderfully snuggly (or it will be) and it makes me happy just to look at it!

Current WIPs on the sofa where I sit and knit include a sweater for the Hypothetical Future Tiny Princess (the pink) and a tee/vest for me (the brown).

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I think I've so far finished a total of ONE project this month, so you're not alone. ;-)
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