Monday, December 31, 2012

What a year!

I've been keeping track of my yarn usage for the last 11 years. I've been posting those totals here for at least the last six. And this year is no exception. Despite my missteps of blogging, I have actually been very productive with my fiber arts:

2 adult sweaters
3 afghan squares (for my charity group)
4 bibs
29 pairs of booties
2 cat toys
17 children’s sweaters
1 Christmas stocking
9 coasters
19 cowls
13 dishcloths
3 dishtowels
5 adult hats
1 baby blanket
5 pairs of mittens
1 pillow cover
13 placemats
2 potholders
6 baby caps
1 felted purse
1 bathmat
6 scarves
1 shawl
8 tea toters
1 teddy bear sweater
6 holiday ornaments

I used a total of 34,526 yards of yarn (that’s more than 20 miles!) weighing just a hair under 33 pounds!

This is the 11th year I am keeping track and my 4th most productive year.

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It's been a very productive year for you. I've missed your yarn countdowns.
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