Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Work of the Weavers Encore

 I love that song! The cadence is perfect for shuttle throwing.

Just set up the Flip with my latest scarf project. I am attempting to use some pretty nifty odd balls and grab bag finds to make pretties taht I will probably wind up giving away.

This is the latest effort.

Finished, it will be about 7" wide and (I hope) 5' or more long.The length will depend on how long the weft holds out.

Yarns I am using: top to bottom (or left to right, depending on your orientation) are the weft Lily Kool Knit, a vintage cotton that is so old there is no zip code on the address! and for the warp, Katia Blues, viscose and nylon, Berroco Glace, all viscose, and Berroco Jewel FX, viscose and metallic.

It's working up into an interestng fabric.

Using a 5-dent heddle because of the slubs and stuff in the warp. And I want it to be drapey. I am not beating the weft as tightly as I could for the same reason.

Stay tuned.

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