Sunday, April 22, 2012

Selected FOs

 We took a little trip last week (photos will come, perhaps later today).

I discovered the perfect memorizable pattern for car knitting, odd ball-using: the Morehouse Merino baby bootie.

Eighty-two miles for the knitting of a pair!

Aren't they cute?

Assortment of washable wools and blends. All in teeny tiny newborn size. I have officially replenished my Welcome to the World stash. All are in need of ties of a sort. Must check the ribbon stash for something suitable for each.

And what's that in the background?

Fresh off the needles, the latest edition of Mindless TV Watching knitting. Rambling Rows afghan (by Cottage Creations) in the smallest size, using up leftover balls of Plymouth Encore that have marinated long enough in the stash.

I plan to make a matching sweater and hat (to become a fair entry -Infant 3-piece Sweater-cap-blanket) and then will add an edging to the blankie with the yarn that is left.

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I love the Rambling Rows blanket. You made a fantastic one for E when she was born :)
How neat to do the booties while traveling! There is also a bootie that can be made from 4 or 5 inch squares. You whip=stitch the heel and then gather the toe and whip stitch up to where the foot would go in and a tie or ribbon can be laced around the foot opening to gather the opening to make sure they stay on.

I cam to visit from your link on NA Support! ;)
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