Sunday, March 11, 2012

Knitting With My Eyes Closed--Again!

Younger Kid (who ain't all that young) was back to shop at the Baby Store of Mom (tm) last week. Seems his buddy (the Oakland Raiders fan) just became a papa for the second time.

There being no suitable gift in the stash (who knits in gray and black for a baby??) I cast on, knit, and cast off this little hat. Pattern (not that I needed one) is in Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. Yarn is well-aged Cervinia Cazetteria (black) and Elann Sock It To Me (gray).

Then I added the pink cardigan from a prior post because the baby's a girl, for lord's sake!

Anyone who has made one will recognize this immediately. Anyone who hasn't is scratching his/her head in total confusion over the very strange, manta ray-like shape, the mitered decreases, the M1 increases.

'Tis a mystery for sure!

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It's Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise.

Love, love, love this pattern (even though I frogged the back extension twice before I got it right--counting apparently isn't my strong suit).

Yarn is a mixture of odd balls of cotton. The MC (the light yellow) is Red Heart Cotton Soft ( a cotton/ack blend). The rest is at least 3 different types of mercerized cotton. Worsted weight. Size 7s. Buttoned, it's about 18" around at the underarm which some patterns call "12 month".Pattern available from School House Press and in EZ's books.

FWIW, once you have made one and impressed the family with the intriguing design, they are no longer impressed with subsequent offerings. Just saying.

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AWESOME! The mantaray swearter is ADORABLE too!
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