Sunday, January 15, 2012

This Will Likely Be 3

I started another sweater using odd balls of various colors of Brown Sheep Lambs Pride and Patons Classic Wool.

The colors in the picture at the left are pretty true to life. Yes, really that bright! I am loving working with these jolly hues! Just saying.

But I digress. Yeh, yeh, I know.

The reason for the really, really huge photo is to call attention to the raglan increases. The pattern is Rialey's Sweater which carries a range of 2-10 child from Cottage Creations (my favorite go-to pattern company for nearly every occasion).

Take a look at that increase . The technique is described (and shown) in the booklet, so I'm not repeating it here, but I am genuinely stoked at how cool it looks!

This photo shows it as it's worn.

And this one shows it as it's knit.

It's top down.

Here's how far I've gotten. If I finish this week, it will go in the mail with the other A4A sweater next weekend.

I am using the basic sweater pattern and striping it since I need a bigger size and my stashed yarn is limited to 2 skeins each of the gold (wild mustard) and the green (evergreen) and smaller amounts of the other 3 colors.I think the next one will use the great graphics that Cottage Creations intended to be knit into this sweater.

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