Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 Recap

For the past several years (okay, since 2002-wow, that long?) I have journaled my knitting, both here and on paper and then stuck the FOs into a spreadsheet and tracked number, weight of yarn, and yardage.

This year was no different, though the numbers are (at best) disappointing. It's been a b*tch of a year, and as a result, crafting took a back seat to work (you know, the stuff that gets the bills paid) and exhaustion.

Things are looking up now, and I am hoping for some improvement on all fronts.

My "resolves" for 2012 include:

*weaving a rug (even if it's just a bath mat) and trying a new (to me) weaving technique. I have the tee shirts; I have the Rotary cutter; I have the linen rug warp. Bring it on!

*12 in 12 (sweaters) and making at least 1/4 for me!

*random acts of knitting/crafting gifting

*25 (at least) catnip mice for my favorite local animal rescue charity

*there's something about removing 10% of my body weight again this year (back to South Beach--started today) and destashing bunches. We shall see.

So, I know you've been waiting and here's what 2011 saw:

11 sweaters (I am counting 10 actual sweaters and one baby dress)

18 afghan squares for charity
1 complete full-size afghan
1 bag (woven)
2 holiday banners
10 baby bibs
9 pairs of booties
1 Christmas stocking
10 face/dishcloths
2 doilies (fair entries)
9 hats
2 baby blankets
3 pairs of mittens
2 woven napkins
1 pillow
6 woven placemats
1 felted potholder
2 baby caps
1 scarf
2 shawls
3 pairs of slippers
1 pair of socks
2 toys

That's 100 FOs all together. Better than last year (86) but the second worst year since I've started tracking. I used a total of 389 ounces of yarn (24+ pounds)--25,611 yards, or 14.5 miles (3 miles less than I drive to work each day. Maybe that should be my 2012 target--17 miles!

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I'm impressed, Ann. It may not be as much progress as you had hoped, but it's still nothing to sneeze at.
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