Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday, Sunday

I'm currently stockpiling Little Gifts Suitable for Little Ones. Sort of "Welcome to the World, Little Person" presents. This bib is from a relatively new Cottage Creations booklet,Comfort Gifts for Family and Community, part of the "knitting for the community" series. You can get your own copy at your favorite LYS or directly from Carol Anderson: Cottage Creations/ At the Farm on Deer Creek/ Carpenter Iowa 50426-000.

This one is relatively quick (though not mindless). I started and finished it yesterday.

And there has been some progress on the Sock Yarn Blankie. I have completed 49 small and 5 (plus a bit) large squares. I suspect that this one is going to suck the life out of me. Just saying.

I can't tell if it looks better in the photo or in real life. (Or neither)

In other knitting knews, the Other Half has requested a new hat. He even spent quality time with the pattern books at Joann's last weekend and found a couple he likes. Unfortunately (or that other thing), the patterns he picked call for Stuff Not In My Stash. And of course, that means Yarn Shopping! I think that's just a shame.


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