Monday, April 25, 2011

Stick a Fork In It

It's really done!

This is the latest scrapghan, made from DK weight ack. From the scrap bag.

I started on 8 stitches (4 dpns size 6) and increased 8 stitches every other round until I ran out of scraps. It goes without saying that I switched needles until I was up to my 60" Addi.

Finished size is 36" or just about the right size for cuddling a little one (and for dragging around if you happen to be a toddler).

Threw in rounds of garter and rounds of k2 tog, yo as the spirit moved me.

It's done!

I think it looks like a god's eye when it's turned this way.


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love it! you've made a fine blankie for any discriminating boy (or girl).
Turned out great! I've come to love center-out blankets with just about any weight yarn, scraps or planned yarns. And they're easy to do; like your idea of adding some "eyelets" for interest, though, as you knit. :-)
It is beautiful! And I am sooo envious that you have actually started and finished such a blanket.
I would love to do one, but ... I would spend way too much time making sure that all the yarn was of the same weight and content, and that I had enough scrap yarn to at least do one round, etc. etc.
My aunt has just given me a huge bag of scrap yarn - but it's not all worsted weight. Some is cotton yarn, some is acrylic and some has wool in. Maybe I will just have to spend a bit of time creating separate bagfuls of similar yarn?

Lovely work!
LOve your afghan. Just my style-very colorful. Nice work
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