Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scraps, Odd Balls, and Other Nonsense

Now that TPT's Dragaroundghan is finished and mailed (and received and thanked), I turn my attention to the lighter weight ack in the scrap bag.

This one will be donated. It's a combination of Patons Astra, some Red Heart, and some Cervinia plus some unlabeled stuff that I had to bleach-test to ensure that it is synthetic.

The current challenge for Cheyenne River is How Much Can You Stuff In an Envelop? I have a couple of big padded envelopes that I bought at the post Office (on sale, of course--season was past). I'm pretty sure that this will fit inside one once it's completed.

Then it's off to the WIC center where (I hope) it will become somebody's dragaroundghan.

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