Sunday, April 03, 2011

One Trick Pony

I promise you that I formatted this post. Blogger is messing with me right now. I'll try to go in later and edit so it's more readable, but if I don't post this now, I might not get it posted for days! Edited to add: Blogger isn't adding breaks and paragraphs today. (I added them manually)

Babies are popping up all over and so are baby booties! This makes 3 pairs I have finished in the last couple of weeks. (One pair has already been given away.) Super easy knit from Morehouse Merino Knits in washable wool or wool blends.

I went on a quest yesterday for washable wool. Came up empty in all 3 big box stores locally, so I decided just to make do for the next couple of pairs. I'm sure that I have something washable here that isn't Red Heart!

Did I mention that these still need their little ties? I'm debating the benefits of chained strings vs. ribbon.

And in other Knitting Knews, I finished the March Challenge Dishcloth (one of the groups I participate in) just under the wire. This might be a fair entry, though I'll need to decide whether it's a dishcloth or a doily between now and August.

I am making some progress on a sweater/tee-shirt/vest that I am making for myself, and I am nearly finished with TPT's "drag around"/scrapghan. ::whew::

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