Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ever Wonder

if there's any real difference between the store brand and the "name" brand?

This afternoon, I made 2 batches of cupcakes for a party on Friday.

The chocolate ones are the store brand from a store I trust. And trust me, the few canned foods I buy (tomatoes, beans, a couple other odds and ends) generally are this store's brand. Why? Because I can't really tell the difference. Yes, they are that good!

So, there was no doubt when I compared the incredible array of cake, brownie and quick bread packages, that I would grab the store brand cake mix.

I already had a box mix (Duncan Hines, if anyone cares) at home, but I wanted to do two flavors.

First up was the chocolate (store brand) and then the "confetti" (DH).

Technique was identical. Same eggs, same oil, same tins, same mixer, same oven. But look at the difference in the finished product(s).

Not a mistake I'll make again soon!

But heck, add enough frosting, and they'll be just fine.


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