Sunday, February 27, 2011

This Would be Four

The Older Kid requested a sweater. But not for himself. For the Not-So-New Daughter In Law. (I need to find a shorter name for her!)

Seems that both he and TPO have Wonderful Wallabies (in gray and red respectively) and TPT is really still too tiny for one (but he's growing like a weed, so I should probably cast on soon--green, I think). Anyway, Momma needs one!

She picked out the yarn (Elann Superwash Bamboo, eggplant) when they were here at Christmas.

Last night, I grafted the top of the hood and the underarm stitches. It will be going out in the mail this week.

TPO has decreed that when going for a walk in one's Wallaby, the only way to go is Hood Up and Hands In Pouch.

And now you know!

Isn't it wonderful to be Three and In Charge?


How about TPM for Tiny Princes Mom
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