Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spectacular Sky

I don't often get the opportunity to watch the sun come up.

Yes, I drive to work in the dark and unlock in the dark, but usually, I am so engrossed in email and voicemail that I miss the beauty of a sunrise.

This morning's was especially beautiful. This photo does not do it justice and color correction didn't help.

You're just going to have to imagine it. Sorry.

It looks like it might be a wonderful (snowless) weekend, though I am not holding my breath. There's another storm heading up the coast, scheduled to arrive Tuesday.


Hi Ann,

I have just ordered the pattern that you recommended on May 08 for Lilly's Little Sweater. I am trying to choose some yarn for it, and am looking at the one you used. My question is, is it very hard on the hands. The only things I have knit with cotton are the face cloths.My hands hurt a lot when the yarn is not just right, So I am not sure what to use for it. The little nephew who is a getting this sweater lives in the south, so I know it has to be either cotton or cotton blend or bamboo, and I don't have any experinces with bamboo. Anything will be appreciated that you can tell me in this regard. Thank You Ann,

How beautiful. I adore snow despite the personal difficulties and national difficulties it cause.
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