Friday, January 21, 2011

No Pictures, Some Reviews

Short and to the point:

Movies: Duck Here's what Netlix said: "Esteemed character actor Philip Baker Hall scores a rare star turn as Arthur Pratt, a lonely widower whose life finds renewed purpose when a duckling mistakes him for his mother. Together, this odd couple wanders Los Angeles on foot, searching for a new home." Here's what we thought: 1* (because there isn't anything lower!) Depressing, sad. Old guy adopts cute duckling, gets evicted, lives in the woods. Duck gets big, no longer cute. Maybe it got better, but we bailed after 30 minutes.

Books: Stones Into Schools by Greg Mortenson. The New York Times said "As “Stones Into Schools” chronicles the institute’s work, it captures the physical and political landscapes of Afghanistan in ways that make it exceptionally timely and compelling." Where's the "agree" button? It's a wonderful follow-up to Three Cups of Tea. Buy it. Read it! Learn from it!!

The weather: No one but me commenting here. Winter sucks! Big time.

That is all.


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