Friday, January 14, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Last year's 10 sweaters project was so successful (and helped reduce stash so effectively--not!) that I decided to host a re-do.

This year, I'll call it 11 in 11 and attempt to use stash to make 11 sweaters, (and this is new) at least 5 of them for charity (though a lot of last year's batch were donated.

Here's Number 1--the front.

And the back.

The pattern is Rambling Rows Jacket (Cottage Creations). The yarn is Red Heart Classic leftovers from the 9-patch blankie.

This is easy in-the-car or watching mindless TV mindless knitting once the various sections are set up. It's a relaxing knit.

There will be a hat. And once the hat is finished, the trio will be a Fair Entry. (Yes, I really am starting early this year.)

I have requests (from family--I don't take requests from friends or casual acquaintances) for at least 2 more sweaters, but I'm thinking that Tiny Prince Two/Too might be in line for one of these. His will be washable wool, though.

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