Sunday, January 09, 2011

As Promised

I'll be posting photos and descriptions, etc. for all FOs as I can (and am inclined and they aren't super secret stuff).

This is my first (and likely only) pair of slippers for this year's Heet the Feet for Cheyenne River Reservation.

The pattern can be found at the Seaman's Church Institute website (you'll have to noodle to get to patterns). The pattern is Nola's Knitted Slippers. Two strands of DK weight ack (Paton's Astro and some stuff from Smiley's), size 9 needles. They are a bit small for me, so will likely fit a middle school age child. Using worsted weight (as the pattern directs) will make an "adult medium."

I am stocking up on purchased socks (mostly Fruit of the Loom) and want to buy a couple packs of tube socks at the Mart of K to include in my Heet package.

If cold feet make you sad, consider joining in this campaign.


It's great to have you back blogging.
Glad you're back.
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