Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Been a Long, Long Time

As several of you have reminded me, I haven't blogged in a while. You see, I've been sort of busy.

Twice since I last blogged, we have had company (a rare occurance in the Casa) and then there were the holidays and the annual visit of the Plague (Hamthrax, head cold, call it what you want, but it's going around and around and around)!

Christmas morning dawned (not nearly as early as I remember it 30 years ago) with presents and stockings and a visit (secret in the night) from a Jolly Elf.

All was good.

Matchboxes can entertain a 3 year old for hours on end! And so, there were Matchboxes galore! And then some more. (Just between us, there are at least 8 more of those suckers hidden in my office. . .Just saying.

First Christmases are very special even if you won't remember them.

That's why we take pictures.

We know that they don't stay this size for long. Just look back to January 2008 posts to see the Tiny Prince, Original (TPO), at this same age and size.

Note: TPO is 3'3" tall now, though he insists that he is "Just 3!"

And we take pictures so that we will remember very special smiles, because they are so precious.

Also precious: snuggling with a teensy at 2 in the A while he eats. And burps. And remains upright for 20 minutes. (I did a fair amount of one-handed "farming" in the middle of the night.)

And just as precious: Waking up at 4 in the A to a little person who says, "Hi, it's me!" and then crawls into the middle (one pillow, one blanket, no piggyloo) and sleeps for another three hours (saints be praised!) until teensy wakes up again to eat again. And burp. rinse, repeat.

Cindy Lou Who has nothing on the Tiny Prince Two (TPT) who is seen here wearing the hat I made for his Big Brother (TPO) for his first Christmas and his very own red wool hoodie (pattern at Knitting Pure and Simple in the free section).

I'm afraid if you want to replicate the hat, you will have to wing it.

The sorta "recipe" can be found here.

The shirt is an old favorite. I try to wear it often during the season.

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love it -- especially the feeding, and burping at 2 and 4 -- my new grandson was born Dec 15 -- burp, rinse, REPEAT!

(and my first new knitting project for the year? -- MITTNZ!)
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