Saturday, November 06, 2010

Some Finished Stuff

Here's a picture of the next three woven dishtowels. I hesitated to post this so soon, as they were just put in the mail to the intended victim recipient earlier this week.

But what the heck. If I wait, I'll forget and my loyal reader will never get to see them.

Same as before: long warp, then differeing patterns for the weft.

Cotton chennille.

And here's a stash-busting mitered square blanket that I will be putting in the mail to Afghans For Afghans as soon as I finish the sweater that's on the needles. Fall campaign for youth is in full swing. Blankets, sweaters, socks and mittens are the most requested items.

This one is odds and ends of wool and other animal fibers. I believe there's a tiny bit of soy silk in a couple of the squares.

Worsted weight, size 8 needles.

Sadly (or gladly) I have at least as much odd bits of wool left as I used.

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Looks great Ann! Love your dishcloths!
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