Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Something(s) To Show

I've been weaving!

These dishtowels were made on my Flip with the 8 dent heddle. Cotton chenille with crochet cotton for the hems.

The Other Half really liked my first effort, so I made some more. I warped once then used a different weft pattern on each to make them fraternal.

(And truth be told, I'll make some more, but the others are a gift, so I won't show and tell until they get to their destination.)

This one was made of multiple strands (I think 4) of a very fine cotton yarn, something along the lines of a 20/2, or about the weight of fine sewing thread. i'm thinking that I won't be making more of like this.

It was a good experience, just not one I'd want to repeat and so I probably won't.


You tempt me to try weaving. Lovely.

Any news on the little Princes? And their parents?
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