Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's Done Is Done

I surrender.

Throw in the towel.

Wave the white flag.

I have done what I can and leave only 3 (of 32) entries unfinished.

AND, I have a running start on two for next year!

What you see left is Mr. and Mrs. Claus, other, made of stuff I pulled from the scrap bag, some batting, and a couple of buttons from the button stash.

Christmas stocking of my own devising from pristine, brand new skeins of Red Heart Classic straight from the Tru-Value (yes, the hardware store).

Traditional patterning, basic sock pattern (36 stitches).

Mr. and Mrs. Snowman-other. Both these and the Clauses are from a Jean Greenhowe book. I've used the patterns before with varying modifications.

And now, I am putting my needles aside for a day (maybe) and warping my loom for nothing but a learning experience. No deadline, no pattern in mind, just zenning out on weaving.

Fair results (and a visit from the Tiny Prince who wants to see squirrels (they don't have those where he lives) and sheep in about 10 days. Can't wait!


There's a place without squirrels?? Take me there. . .
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