Friday, August 20, 2010

Fiddly? You Betcha

I quite nearly made my 60+ year old eyes go completely blind on this one. The finishing touches to the 12-24" doily, knit. They are strung on a single strand of quilting thread and hand stitched to the picots.

Beads. Note to self: The large 30 g package of size 6 "Premium Beads" (made in Japan) and 85 g of glass bugle beads--definitely enough.

Anyone have any suggestions for 80+ g of glass bugle beads and 25+ g of size 6?

The beads do set if off though. And since it refuses to hold the square shape without a pillow to be stitched to (this is supposed to be the topper of a ringbearer's pillow, after all), I just let it run wild. So it's round.

Definitely worth the temporarily blurred vision. Where the heck did I put the eyedrops?

I've used this pattern for Santa ornament before, though this time, I modified it a bit. Yarn is sport weight ack and some black stuff and some fuzzy stuff, all from the scrap bag.

Lightly stuffed, he'll join the cotton one I made a few years ago on our tree.

Pattern is from Schachenmayr booklet that I think came from It's called Inspirations.

And when in need of a toy animal in a hurry, I like this seal pattern. Same fuzzy white yarn (and black stuff) as I've been fishing out of the scrap bag for the last several projects. Quick to make, soft and cuddly. Just the right size for a baby.

And look at that sweet face.

Hayfield Novelties pattern.

Though it looks like not a lot was accomplished, I do have a basket filled with assorted body parts waiting to be stitched and stuffed for:
Mr. & Mrs. Claus-other
Mr. and Mrs. Snow-other

My Christmas stocking is clearly many hours from completion as is the laprobe-knit, though I am still hopeful. Pillow cover is planned and in double strands of worsted weight, it's doable. The only question is: 16" square, or bolster?

I have identified and cast on a couple of stitches for Mr. or Mrs. Claus-other (in the same spirit as the snow guy.

I have given up on the shawl. That will be my jump start on next year.

I need to warp my loom for a runner or pair of placemats. We shall see.

Stay tuned.


You are a knitting machine! Glad to see you back!

Kathy (the frugal one)
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