Monday, August 16, 2010

Countdown to the Fair

I am taking my traditional mid-August week off to prep for the Great Allentown Fair.

Lots of entries. I am photographing as they are washed and blocked and stowed in the handy dandy Rubbermaid transport tote.

Eyes left: Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, Bernat Soy yarn. This one is for me. I avoided blocking until this week so that I wouldn't be tempted to wear it.

Next up, a real stretch. The entry category is "Mr. or Mrs. Snowman-other" It's a dishcloth. Held at an angle.

We shall see how creaive the judges are feeling.

Another stretch. Category: Tote Bag-other (as opposed to "canvas"). Felted wool (Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Chunky). Sorta FSU colors. It will be a gift for the dear Daughter In Law.

Pattern is from one of the One-Skein Wonders books.

Took more than 1 skein, but then, I made it bigger than the pattern suggested. (They are just suggestions aren't they?)

Felted pot holder Can't remember where I found the pattern.

Yarn is Gjestal Naturgarn that I have had for years. (I have bags and bags of this stuff intending to make many Lopi sweaters. . . Mostly, it's becoming mittens and potholders and such.)

Last up in this batch, still drying: Doily 12"-24"-knit.

Another pattern from the One Skein Wonders, though this one is a "Ring Bearer's Pillow" (we are not in need of such things).

It is supposed to have beads strung between the picots. The jury's still out on that one though I do have the beads and thread and beading needle.

I've been posting some of my entries as I finished them. There will be more.

But now, back to the knitting!


I LOVE the tote bag! Very cute, but I think blue and white would have been the way to go :-). But that may just have been all that PSU growing up, speaking up.
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