Saturday, August 21, 2010

Closing In

With 5 days left to go, I finished 2 more entries.

This first one is a pillow (or cushion)-knit. I used Plymouth Encore on a color (256) that I have used for the last two "pillows-knit" and given to a good friend as Christmas gifts. This will round out that collection.

I used a pre-owned bolster as filler (and will replace it with a new one as soon as the fair is over). No time to shop. Just keep knitting, just keep knitting.

Pattern is of my own devising: cable section knit flat, then stitches picked up on either end to cover the round parts. seamed into a tube, stuffed, then twisted cord run through the eyelets I added to the edge.

And here's Mr. or Mrs. Claus-other, to match the snowman washcloth.

I had my doubts as I was knitting. It just didn't seem to be happening in the same way that the snowguy did. But, yep, there's the Big Fellow.

Yarn (for both) is Sugar 'n Cream. Pattern (ditto) can be found here though you may have to noodle around a bit to find the snowman. Check out her other dishcloth patterns (and consider buying a download). They are quite clever.

And now, I will lay my head down briefly so that I can get up in the morning ready to do battle with the 5 still unfinished (though mostly started) remaining entries.


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