Thursday, August 19, 2010

And Another One Bites the Dust

I worked continuously on this sweater today. When he saw it back around July 4 weekend (and the yoke wasn't even finished), the Tiny Prince pronounced it "MINE!" and so, when I discovered that I didn't have enough yarn to finish it, I went stalking the dreaded Discontinued Yarn Ball. Cannot disappoint the Tiny Prince.

I was fortunate and emails to the two sources Google found yielded 4 more balls (I had 5 to start with, having anticipated using them long before the Tiny Prince got So Big!)

Kirtland's Yarn Barn saved the day! I was even more fortunate that the dye lots were soooo close! I couldn't see the difference in daylight, but I alternated rows anyway.

I still have 3 pristine balls and might just try to scout up order a little more in a contrasting color for a striped sweater.

Here's a close-up of the cable.

Pattern from Top Down For Toddlers by Cabin Fever. Yarn is Dale of Norway Free Style in Goldenrod. Color on the top picture is true. (Yes, that yellow!)

Here's a hat-adult in some very vintage Brunswick Germantown that I encountered at Goodwill two years ago. (Yes, I am still knitting that acquisition!)

Pattern called for a pom pon, but since I already shot that wad on the cap-child, I left it off (I do not enjoy all the snip, snip, snipping!)

Pattern? If anyone really, really wants it and swears that s/he will make one, I will find it. Otherwise, it's just a nice hat! Versteh?

And last up and in serious need of blocking is a cap and sweater set in mint Dale Baby Ull. Pattern was on the 'net. Pattern here.

I modified the pattern slightly (translation: I screwed up) on the sweater, so I had to similarly modify the cap. All's well that ends well.

Or will be once I hit this puppy with some serious steam!

Tomorrow, I get cracking on all the fiddly little Christmassy Santa-y things.

Whew! Since I lowered my expectations and eliminated at least one large project (fan and feather stole on size 7s), I might actually get finished.


All very nice well done Ann
Hugs Janice
The Tiny Prince is going to look grand in his sweater!
Love the fair entries, especially the Tiny Princes sweater!
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