Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Round and Around ad infinitum

Another finished object for fair entries. Pattern

The yarn is Patons Decor in the Florals colorway, purchased a while back from Smiley's. Since most of their yarns are closeouts, I wouldn't expect there to be more waiting in the wings, but you never know.

To finish it off (and make it lie flat) I added a garter-based lace edging from Jan Eaton's A Creative Guide to Knitted Lace.

The edging is knit on, so except for weaving in some ends, there was no finishing.

Finished size, 40" (about). Blocking needed.

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So pretty, even unblocked!
Very pretty for some unsuspecting baby; where's this going after the fair? :-)
You just keep amazing me with your talent. The blanket is wonderful.
How many fair entries are you knitting this year? What categories?
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