Saturday, April 17, 2010

What You Were Waiting For

This adorable dress was the pattern of the day earlier this week.

I just had to cast on! I could not resist.

Of course I subbed the yarn for something from stash (Plymouth Encore DK in Daffodil). I also made a minor modification--not especially visible or obvious in this photo, though it will be in the final photo.

I am not convinced that satin ribbon works with knitwear. Especially not in knitwear for babies. After all, the fiber is (usually) different, so it needs to be washed separately, and frankly, starts to look quite ratty quite quickly.

So, I eliminated the eyelet round at the waist (what baby this age has a "waist" anyway?) and knitted 4 rounds of k1, p1 ribbing on the smaller needles the pattern suggests to draw it in just a hair before the skirt increases.

It was a "finish as you go" project for me, so the sleeves are hemmed, the button band is tacked in place. All that remains is 4" more of plain knitting and a shallow pique hem.

So, is this a sweater, in which case it counts toward my 10 in 10, or not?

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Thanks for the link to that sweet dress pattern! Love the yellow yarn, too.
I wouldn't count it as a sweater for your Ten challenge unless you plan to send it to the designated charity. I think it would make a great fair entry, though.
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