Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weave Me Some Magic

I've been plotting the current weave for a while.

Our kitchen calls out for some brightly colored placemats in the summer.

And so, I dragged out the bag of odds and ends of crochet cotton (see below) that was part of a major Goodwill score a year ago and started sorting.

What I settled on was these crayon colors. The thread in each seemed slightly heavier than the typical size 10 (more like a 5?) and the colors look good together. For the weft, I am using some Bernat Chunky Cotton in white.

There were some glitches (mostly minor). First, there was the massive tangle of warp that I had to tease out before tying on to the cloth beam. Then, when I started to weave early yesterday morning and discovered that my perfect warp (oh, my lord, the tension was the best I've done so far!) was threaded only through the slots (not the holes) , I had to go back and untie, untangle again, thread, tighten, tie. Well, you get the picture.

First mat is nearly finished. I need to find something to use as a separator so that I can weave the second. I am really pleased with the way this is coming (I say that a lot, don't I?)

Here's what's left of the crochet cotton. I used some already in other projects (the striped dishtowel, the ill-fated washcloths) and I still have a bunch. Price tag is still on the bag to give you an idea of the magnitude of this bargain.

Since I do very little crochet work (and that, certainly not with thread), I suspect that this will be used up in weaving, or, when I get sick of it, I may dump it.

So far, though, I am more than satisfied with this purchase--all of $13 for enough yarn and thread to fill the trunk of my car. And the best part? What you see here is all that's left!


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