Friday, April 16, 2010

Some Progress

I added another scarf to the "fair" box, but this one will also be a donation to the Red Scarf Project that is conducted each year to support kids who have aged out of the foster care system.

Perhaps you've been listening to the stories on NPR. Kids who are fostered often roll into "adulthood" with no support of any kind, though some few (the very lucky ones, it seems) may find a caring adult or family or caseworker who will guide them into maturity.

Imagine if you can (and I can, but that's another story for another day and blog) being 18 (barely) and alone in the world!

Enter the Red Scarf Project and OFA. Offering moral support and financial assistance to former foster kids who are continuing their education. They make a difference. And you can too! Follow the links and do what you can.

And here, in the Blarney Woolen Mills tote that I had to practiaclly beg for (despite having spent way more than the required minimum for "free with purchase--yet another story for another day) is the cotton tee.

It is progressing nicely, and a sudden turn in the weather makes me not really care if I finish it this week or not! Where did the warm weatther go?

Oh, I'll keep plugging away, but not right now. Right now, I am contemplating another potential fair entry.

Picture tomorrow.

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