Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do Something With All This Yarn!

That's what my mind has been screaming at me for days.

So I dipped into a hidden corner of the stash bins and came up with (eyes left, please) this lovely batch of DK weight mercerized cotton that was wanting to be something simple for summer.

Enter Bad Penny.

My summer shirt is (very) loosely based on this pattern. I'm using up odds and ends of Elann Sonata, Patons Bumblebee, Patons Cotton DK and Reynolds Saucy Sport. All the colors are soft and muted. I won't be adding anything metallic.

I have no plans to buy additional yarn, so this will be as long (or short) as the yarn allows.

The stripe pattern is 3-2-1 (repeat). the ribbing will be blue.

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