Sunday, March 28, 2010

Six Down; Four To Go

Sweater Number 6 is finished!

Why yes, it is a Wonderful Wallaby (pattern available at yarn shops and also direct from Cottage Creations: at the farm on Deer Creek, Carpenter, Iowa, 50426-0070). Yarn is Moda Dea Washable Wool. [yarn review: Who decided to drop this yarn from the line? It's lovely to knit with and makes a wonderful fabric].

Size is a 6 and used about 350 g of yarn. Just under 600 yards of worsted weight.

I'll be mailing it this week, I think, so that it can be worn before it's outgrown.

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I'm going to eventually HAVE to learn to do this pattern, I can tell, because I sure like how yours turn out!
You are a sweater knitting machine!
Oh, that's so cute! I wish I could fit into 600 yards of worsted to make a sweater!
Like I said after #5 - you are flamefingers!
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