Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And On To the Next Project

A while back (few weeks ago, maybe?) I bought a bunch of unmercerized cotton "yarn" (and I use the term very loosely) at The Great Cone Sale (no link provided: I don't dare even go there to capture the link. I do not need/cannot buy any more weaving supplies!) at Webs.

This stuff is thin. Like sewing thread. So I used it double for the warp and and 4-stranding the weft. I have no idea what I will produce. It's slow going, but very Zen.

Okay, dishcloth(s), the dilema is whether it will be hefty enough. We shall see.


So you'd probably consider it a very unfriendly act if I gave you the list of weaving yarns on sale during Webs' 36th anniversary sale for the whole month of Apriil?
Isn't it funny how those two picks of yellow remind me (a knitter) of a garter stitch ridge?

Keep weaving, it looks great.
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